Chapter 418 - The Real Battle Begins!

Chapter 418 - The Real Battle Begins!

The Occult Summoning Array would take a long time to complete. Summoning the Molelord would also require a lot of time. In preparation for that, Yao Yao and another Great Mage worked together to construct a barrier to conceal their presence from the outside world and protect against attacks.

With the perimeter secured, they could begin. 

In the meantime, the 1,000 players in the main group had organized into their respective ranks and hid themselves in another region of the mountain. They weren’t allowed to approach the Occult Summoning Array, so they had no idea what the players on Nie Yan’s side were doing.

For the sake of preventing information from leaking out, Nie Yan had no choice but to take such drastic measures.

As a Level 100 monster with 2,000,000 health, the Molelord was an unstoppable behemoth. The only thing capable of posing a threat to it on the enemy’s side were the three Armoured Catapults. That was why, before the Molelord was summoned, they had to be destroyed at all costs!

Without anything capable of...

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