Chapter 415 - Star Shrines

Chapter 415 - Star Shrines

Nie Yan wondered if these Rock Giant Stargazers could be lured away from the Sacrificial Star Platform like those seven Rock Giant Hunters guarding the entrance to the ravine earlier. Were that to be the case, he would have to sacrifice Lil’ Gold this time since he had already used Divine Recruitment. Although the loyalty lost would take a long time to recover, it’d be worth it if he could obtain Empress Finas’ Venom Sac.

Nie Yan retreated out of the open space to a secluded area about 300 meters away and summoned Lil’ Gold. He started making his preparations.

Nie Yan entered stealth and returned to the open space. He circled around to the north of the Sacrificial Star Platform, then ordered Lil’ Gold to approach from the south.

Before long, Lil’ Gold caught the attention of the three Rock Giant Stargazers. All of them turned to focus on him.

Nie Yan cautiously approached the platform. He was waiting for Lil’ Gold to lure away the Rock Giant Stargazers, so he could run up and snatch away...

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