Chapter 413 - Occult Behemoth, Molelord

Chapter 413 - Occult Behemoth, Molelord 

Nadago’s soul suffered a heavy blow, putting him in a weakened state.

“Y-you! What have you done? I’ll skin you alive and torture your soul for all eternity!” Nadago furiously cursed. After a millennium of imprisonment, he had finally found an opportunity to break free of the shackles binding him and was only moments away from obtaining the freedom he so desired. But this wretched human ruined everything! He had channeled much of his soul into the Staff of Curses, employing Nie Yan as a proxy to shatter the Holy Stones. Its destruction represented a significant loss of his power.

Nie Yan was elated his gamble paid off. Although he had noticed the changes occurring in the Staff of Curses as soon as he entered the barrier, he was walking on a knife’s edge. Nadago could instantly end his life at the first sign of resistance. So, he could only bide his time, patiently waiting for...

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