Chapter 411 - Empress Finas’ Eye

Chapter 411 - Empress Finas’ Eye

Nie Yan refused to believe Bloodlust Blades had more than a few Armoured Catapults. They were extremely costly to manufacture, both in terms of resources and manpower. Although only several of them were enough to destroy the walls of the Blackstone Stronghold, they didn’t pose much of a threat beyond that.

Armoured Catapults were only dangerous in large numbers. A single bombardment could wipe out players in droves. The vast majority of players, save for those over Level 100 with full set equipment, would be instantly killed by the explosive incendiary shells.

Perhaps the Goblin Magic Cannons could destroy the Armoured Catapults before they neared the Blackstone Stronghold by relying on their superior range. However, that would depend on Asskickers United getting them out in time.

This was only the beginning of the siege. Both guilds had brought out their most advanced weaponry.

Aside from manufacturing siege weapons, Asskickers United also...

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