Chapter 409 - Game Capsule

Chapter 409 - Game Capsule

Following Bennett’s Soul, Nie Yan soon encountered a second Leshen. There really were other Leshens on this island!

Armed with the experience of killing the first Leshen, Nie Yan took down one Leshen after another. He failed to find the two other fragments of Nagado’s Staff of Curses. However, he did gradually collect all the blueprint fragments for the Flamespitter Crossbow. After killing the sixth Leshen, he gathered the fifth and final fragment.

These types of blueprints would definitely become more common in the future. This meant the guild would soon require a lot more Engineers. Although Asskickers United was rapidly expanding and originally showed some good results, their growth had stagnated due to recent financial strains. Without any money, even a clever housewife would find it difficult to get the rice to cook food.

Nie Yan’s purpose for coming to the Underworld was also for the sake of resolving Asskickers United’s lack of funds. With money, they could recruit talented Engineers to help build these siege crossbows.

After spending an entire day fighting Leshens, Nie...

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