Chapter 408 - Nadago’s Staff of Curses

Chapter 408 - Nadago’s Staff of Curses

Nie Yan didn’t know the Leshen’s detailed stats. But with the Dark Gold chest only half-way unlocked, he naturally wasn’t willing to just leave. He opened up the official website and searched for information on the Leshen.

The Leshen was a type of immobile tree demon with tendrils capable of extending to upwards of 30 meters. It had magic immunity and high physical defense which greatly reduced or negated the damage of ordinary projectiles, making melee combat the only effective way of fighting it most of the time. Even then, the life-leeching and binding effects of the tendrils were a headache to deal with. This was why players generally preferred to take a detour around it if possible, unless someone brought along a powerful crossbow.

Nie Yan wasn’t sure if his Dullahan Cavalry Crossbow was capable of killing the Leshen, but it was worth a shot. He leaped several meters into the air and grabbed...

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