Chapter 405 - 10-Man Commander

Chapter 405 - 10-Man Commander

This group of Level 45 players was planning to do some levelling near the Flame Bright Archipelago. They never expected to encounter Nie Yan here. His name had long since become famous in the Undead Empire. Numerous Level 40+ expedition teams were wiped out by him alone.

These players didn’t dare to continue forward.

“Boss, what do we do?” a short Undead Thief asked the Necromancer beside him.

“Hold up, let’s just back off,” the Necromancer replied. Given Nie Yan’s speed, there was no way they could escape from him if he really wanted to pursue them.

The immense size of Lil’ Gold left these players shaking in their boots, especially as they recalled videos of him burning swaths of players to ashes with...

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