Chapter 404 - Occult Titan

Chapter 404 - Occult Titan

Back in the Fallen Angel guild headquarters, the Undead Thief was reporting back to Plenty after reviving.

“Boss, I was walking up to greet him, but then he suddenly rushed up and killed me…” the Undead Thief tried to air his grievances. But after noticing Plenty’s cold glare, he shut his mouth halfway.

“Did you follow my instructions and switch your alignment over to the Righteous Faction before approaching him?” Plenty asked in a solemn tone.

The Undead Thief lowered his head. He screwed up. Since he was only instructed to guide Nie Yan to the nearest village and nothing else, he didn’t realize the importance of this matter. He took it as simply another trivial task!

“Leave all your equipment behind. You’re out of the guild,” Plenty coldly stated.

“Why!?” The Undead Thief stared at Plenty, unwillingness in eyes. Why was he being kicked out for such a small blunder?

“I don’t care how skilled you are. I don’t want subordinates who can’t even follow simple instructions!” Plenty replied...

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