Chapter 403 - Lava Sea

Chapter 403 - Lava Sea

Nie Yan reappeared in Calore. It was the start of a new day in Conviction. He saw players bustling around the streets, discussing yesterday’s events, especially about how the sound of explosions rocked the surrounding several dozen towns and villages. 

“I heard Asskickers United found a large cache of Black Gunpowder yesterday, but they were destroyed after Bloodlust Blades ambushed them.”

“What are you talking about? I have a friend who personally saw Asskickers United transporting at least a dozen jars of Black Gunpowder into United City.”

“Then what about those explosions yesterday?”

“Who knows.”

The players were guessing wildly, while Asskickers United stayed quiet on the matter. Nie Yan felt yesterday’s events were a failure on his part. Even though they only lost five jars, he felt ashamed his negligence allowed for the ambush to happen at all. Bloodlust Blades also kept radio silent. Not only had they failed to achieve their goal, but even their guild leader was killed in the battle. It was too shameful.

Like this, the matter was suppressed....

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