Chapter 399 - Banquet

Chapter 399 - Banquet

Nie Yan still vividly remembered the scene of himself camped out on that rooftop, pulling the trigger of his sniper rifle. The bullet shot straight through Cao Xu’s head just as he was about to enter his private car, splattering brain matter all over the ground. 

That single gunshot vented out all the rancor Nie Yan had built up for Cao Xu over the years.

Nie Yan’s hatred for Cao Xu was no longer as intense in this life. After all, his parents were still alive. But if Cao Xu dared to harm anyone close to him, Nie Yan would make him pay!

Although Nie Yan was currently no match for the behemoth known as the Century Financial Group, he was slowly amassing more power. Eventually the day would come when he could rival their power!

Roughly 20% of the Century Financial Group’s profits came directly from the virtual reality industry while another 70% were related. If their position as a hegemon in the industry was shaken, it would greatly damage their business.

A youngster who looked to be about 24 years old sat across from Cao Xu. He had an unruly smile...

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