Chapter 395 - Lightning Storm!

Chapter 395 - Lightning Storm!

Black flames started falling from the sky. What started out initially as a light drizzle of flames quickly turned into a torrential downpour, transforming everything within a 100-meter radius into a raging sea of fire.

A blanket of damage values rose up into the sky as players collapsed in droves inside this hellish purgatory. Everything within Explosion Inferno’s sphere of influence was burned to ash.

Almost all of the 400 Asskickers United players at the front were wiped out, with only a few survivors that happened to be at the very edge of the spell’s radius escaping in time. 

The Elemental Shaman Darkwing narrowed his eyes when he noticed silhouettes darting out from the flames to his left. He waved his staff and sent out a bolt of lightning, which arced between the seven low-health players from Asskickers United and killed them instantly.

The Holy Mage blasted out spells in quick succession. Although the Windfury Totem had disappeared, he still had more than enough damage to finish off the straggling low-health survivors.

Explosion Inferno lasted a total of ten ticks before finally...

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