Chapter 392 - Goblin Magic Cannons

Chapter 392 - Goblin Magic Cannons

Seeing Nie Yan reach for the scrolls, Bodhi Skybright immediately shot forth like a bullet.

Lock Down!

Lock Down, similar to Intimidate, paralyzed a target in place. Nie Yan felt a powerful force binding him, preventing him from moving.


Bodhi Skybright’s blade drew a graceful arc through the air as he aimed for Nie Yan’s back.

Skewer was a Great Thief skill that increased movement speed by 300%, pierced armour, and dealt high burst damage!

Die! Bodhi Skybright was brimming with confidence. His dagger was only inches away from piercing Nie Yan’s heart. It was impossible for an ordinary person to dodge at this range!

This guy’s got some pretty decent skills… Nie Yan activated Gale Step, taking advantage of the invincibility to neutralize Bodhi Skybright’s attack as he reached out to grab the scrolls on the table.

Dammit! Bodhi Skybright was surprised. Seeing Nie Yan about to grab the scrolls, he took out a Web Scroll from his...

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