Chapter 390 - Defeating the Wraith of the Ancient Castle

Chapter 390 - Defeating the Wraith of the Ancient Castle

This room in the basement was oddly shaped like an oval. A table sat in the center littered with all kinds of gold oddities and bobbles. Tucked away in a corner were many earthen pots and jars, having collected a couple decades’ worth of cobwebs and dust. Some of them were broken with black powder leaking out.

Nie Yan detected the unmistakable scent of gunpowder as he breathed in through his nose.

Nie Yan recalled an incident in his past life where a medium-sized guild called Moon Wolf had discovered valuable treasures and crafting materials in this ancient castle. But before they could dispatch people to transport the goods away, Victorious Return ambushed them and snatched everything away for themselves.

It seemed there was some basis to that rumour.

On top of an adjacent table were piles of mysterious scrolls. However, Nie Yan couldn’t be bothered to spare them a glance. His attention was wholly focused...

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