Chapter 384 - Corpse Eater

Chapter 384 - Corpse Eater

Furiously roaring, the Blackett Grizzly swiped away with its massive paws. A Fighter was sent flying with every sweep, only to be immediately replaced by those waiting on standby in the back.

A few Thieves were also active on the battlefield. They were in charge of picking up the equipment of their fallen comrades. Every now and then they would circle round the Blackett Grizzly and attack it with skills that inflicted continuous bleed damage before immediately backing off.

Nie Yan didn’t dare to join in since his high damage would lead to the Blackett Grizzly shifting aggro. He suddenly recalled seeing Threat Null in Sunny South’s skill list.

Threat Null was a Holy Mage spell that nullified all aggro generated by a targeted ally for a set period of time, allowing them to dish out damage to their heart’s content.

Sunny South had learned Threat Null from the Magic Tower. It was a fairly useful spell in boss fights.

“Sunny South, cast Threat Null on me!” Nie...

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