Chapter 381 - Magic Tower

Chapter 381 - Magic Tower

Bladelight and Yi Yan worked together to lock down the Black Mammoth. It bellowed furiously but all of its struggling was futile. 

Since the Fighters were coordinating perfectly and the Priests had no trouble keeping up with the healing, the Mages could let loose without worry. Tang Yao in particular was firing out spells like a gatling gun and dealing an astonishing amount of damage.

Nie Yan was thoroughly impressed. This sort of team was practically unrivalled. He couldn’t help but recall his experiences in the previous timeline, where Fighters would fail to properly secure the boss’ aggro, Mages would carelessly generate too much aggro, and Priests would fail to keep up the healing when the boss went berserk. All of these scenarios would lead to a wipe. It would take five or six attempts to defeat a Lord-class boss on a good day.

However, this team was making it look like child’s play!

About half a minute later, the...

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