Chapter 380 - Coordination

Chapter 380 - Coordination

Bladelight and the others arrived at their designated positions. Three Phantom Swordsmen barred their path to the Dark Mammoth. 

Undying Scoundrel and Lustboy were also on standby.

Bladelight, Lofty Shadow, and Yi Yan awaited their orders as they looked over in Nie Yan’s direction.

After confirming everyone was ready, Nie Yan gave the signal. Several silhouettes burst into action and rushed toward the Black Mammoth. 



Bladelight, Lofty Shadow, and Yi Yan shot forth like loosed arrows aimed directly at the Black Mammoth.

The nearby Phantom Swordsmen immediately moved to surround them!

“Scoundrel, Lustboy, now!” Nie Yan exclaimed.

Undying Scoundrel and Lustboy raised their staffs and started chanting a series of incantations as the surrounding temperature rapidly plummete...

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