Chapter 374 - Great Thief

Chapter 374 - Great Thief

Magic immunity isolates magic energy. Formations are created out of magic energy. Can I penetrate the formation with magic immunity? Nie Yan carefully pondered on the matter. This theory is worth giving a spin.

Since magic immunity could interfere with the flow of magic energy and isolate it from the rest of the world, there was no reason it couldn’t do the same to something created out of magic energy such as the barrier. Nie Yan recalled encountering similar situations in the previous timeline, specifically during stronghold wars.

Nie Yan wondered if his idea would really pan out.

Ten minutes later, Nie Yan entered the game. He was still in the corner he logged off at in the narrow dungeon under the colosseum. The smell of decay wafted into his nose.

Nie Yan looked into the prison cell and saw Pallot reclined in the corner sleeping. Sensing Nie Yan’s presence, Pallot opened his eyes which flashed with a sharp light.

Pallot gazed at Nie Yan....

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