Chapter 372 - Monstrous Achievement

Chapter 372 - Monstrous Achievement

Nie Yan was a bit nervous as he awaited confirmation from Zhai Hao.

“The class goddess just finished handing in a quest. She’s already Level 53. I heard she recently obtained 3 pieces of Sub Legendary-grade equipment too,” Zhai Hao said off-handedly as he glanced at Liu Wei’s group. He wanted to see the reactions on their faces.

Nie Yan took a deep breath as a faint smile surfaced on his face. He had suffered a lot of hardships due to Xie Yao’s secretiveness! Every time they chatted about Conviction, she would always brush past the subject. Only now did he finally receive confirmation.

Liu Wei, Ge Baiyu, and their group dropped their jaws in shock. Xie Yao was Level 53? What a truly shocking revelation! A player at that level was most likely in the top 20 of the level leaderboards. On top of this, she also had three pieces of Sub Legendary-grade equipment. This was simply too frightening! Any piece of Sub Legendary-grade equipment would sell for at least several thousand gold in the marketplace, while those with good properties would sell in the excess of 10,000 gold. However, the key point...

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