Chapter 366 - Thief Treasure Hoard

Chapter 366 - Thief Treasure Hoard

Nie Yan dashed away with all his might, allowing the bleed and poison damage to shave away the Dusk Thief’s health. He was no match for the enemy in a direct confrontation, but this method was also quite effective. It just took a bit more time. 

The Dusk Thief eventually cornered Nie Yan into a dead-end. There was nowhere left to run.

As the Dusk Thief pounced in for the kill, Nie Yan suddenly leaped up in the air and kicked off the wall into a backflip, landing gracefully behind the opponent. He struck the Dusk Thief in the back with Assassinate and Blast.

Nie Yan’s dagger lit up brilliantly, unleashing an explosion that sent the Dusk Thief crashing into the wall with a heavy thud before falling to the ground.

By the time the Dusk Thief struggled back to its feet, Nie Yan had already run far off into the distance.

Nie Yan continued kiting the Dusk Thief, slowly chipping away its health until it finally died.

A dark gray chestpiece lay glittering on the floor beside...

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