Chapter 363 - Contempt

Chapter 363 - Contempt

During his conversation with Yao Yao, Nie Yan recalled the items he had obtained in his recent adventures. He decided to gift her Akeph’s Hand of Knowledge, sending it to her through the mail. He deposited the other piece of Sub Legendary-grade equipment, Ina’s Prayer Gloves, into his personal storage. 

He knew this gesture was only a pittance compared to everything she had done for him in his past life—and this one if his suspicions about her being Xie Yao were confirmed true. 

Yao Yao’s voice was like a clear running stream, washing away all the worries in Nie Yan’s mind.

She felt relieved after learning that Asskickers United’s troubles were resolved while she was stuck in the sealed map.

The Dragonsoar Financial Group could match the Century Financial Group’s gold gathering speed for a day or two without any issue. But any longer and they would almost certainly burn out.

Including himself and Yao Yao, Nie Yan counted more than 60 players who were currently eligble...

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