Chapter 356 - Raining Gold

Chapter 356 - Raining Gold

A while later, Nie Yan arrived at the Calore Mercenary Auction House. He listed up several pieces of Night Vision and Focus increasing equipment, immediately inciting a mad scramble among the players present. It wasn’t every day such highly sought after equipment appeared in the marketplace, so how could they let this opportunity slip by?

All of Calore’s attention was suddenly focused on these pieces of equipment. The competition was fierce, the prices rocketing sky high.

Nie Yan visited every large auction house in Calore, selling over 20 pieces of equipment in total. Afterwards, he made his way to the auction houses in other cities, such as Hilderlocke, Glory City, and so on. The appearance of Night Vision equipment stirred up huge waves in these places.

Thanks to the perks of the Grand Scholar title, Nie Yan freely travelled to the 30 plus cities across the Viridian Empire, selling more than 100 pieces of equipment in total. Although this seemed like a lot, it was a mere drop in the ocean compared to the deluge of...

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