Chapter 354 - Akeph’s Hand of Knowledge

Chapter 354 - Akeph’s Hand of Knowledge

“It’s a medium that allows Necromancers to summon one or two additional undead,” Plenty explained.

Nie Yan naturally understood how an item which bolstered the size of an undead army would be highly sought after by Necromancers, especially if its drop rate was abysmally low. Furthermore, the Conjuring Skull in his possession was one of the rarer kinds. 

The price Plenty offered should be fair. However, Nie Yan felt it’d be a waste to sell an item like the Conjuring Skull for gold.

“How about we exchange for equipment instead?” Nie Yan suggested. “A large guild like Fallen Angel, I’m sure you have plenty of Sub Legendary-grade items...” 

For guild leaders like Plenty and Nie Yan gold was simply a means to an end. What they required more was better equipment to strengthen the players under them.

 “I have a decent pair of mage gloves without faction restrictions. Take a look,” Plenty said after a moment of consideration.

A short while later, a subordinate arrived with...

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