Chapter 351 - Pygmy Ring

Chapter 351 - Pygmy Ring

Nie Yan couldn’t summon Lil’ Gold in such a confined space, fearing his immense weight would cause the wooden building to collapse.

Nie Yan glanced at his skill bar. Killing one of the Elites in a short time was no problem, but he was afraid the second would alert the other Arachne over. Then, he would be completely surrounded.

It was mandatory to kill both Elite Arachne before they could rally their comrades!

Nie Yan’s eyes lit up when his gaze fell on Divine Recruitment. He had a plan!

Nie Yan returned to the second floor. He opened Divine Recruitment and chose to employ the Rank 5 Paladin Khalisi, who had over 3,600 health and 150% of his other stats. With an employment fee of 300 gold/hr, he had to make every second count!

A silver-armoured Paladin wielding a greatsword emerged before Nie Yan. She was taller than him by a head with a lean and muscular build.


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