Chapter 349 - Soul Pendant

Chapter 349 - Soul Pendant

Nie Yan relied on his experience to navigate the village. He quickly found the general store and stepped inside.

He was greeted by an old goblin shopkeeper in a black gown, who stood about half as tall as the average person. His skin was green and wrinkly. His back was so badly hunched even taking a single step was physically taxing. 

Nie Yan was surprised this old goblin’s faction alignment was neutral.

Neutral NPCs also appeared in many high-level towns in the Viridian Empire. They sold a variety of goods and even gave out quests every once in a blue moon. And when war broke out between both factions, they would stand on the sidelines.

Goblin Garnes (Elite): Level 60

The old goblin glanced at Nie Yan, a fathomless light flashing in his eyes. 

Nie Yan felt like his every secret was completely exposed. He clutched the Unknown Transfer Scroll in his pocket. This old goblin wasn’t simple. He felt a slight tremble...

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