Chapter 348 - Smuggling

Chapter 348 - Smuggling

Nie Yan and Warlance walked past many streets before arriving at a small tavern. The furnishings were old-fashioned, and the lighting was a dim yellow. An old fat man stood behind the counter muttering something under his breath.

Rows of shabby-looking chairs and beaten-up tables filled the tavern. There weren’t many players about, as only those with a specific purpose came here. No one would choose to waste their time sitting around such a dingy place.

A man who looked to be in his late twenties sat quietly at a table in the corner. He wore an ash-grey robe and his hand rested on a bonewood staff. The man raised his glass in greeting as Nie Yan approached.

Nie Yan’s gaze immediately sharpened. The familiar figure before him brought back yet another tide of old memories.

This was the head of Fallen Angel!

During the interfaction conflicts of the previous timeline, Plenty had personally led an army of tens of thousands on a slaughter in Calore. They kicked off their campaign by steamrolling Lincoln Village before seizing control over 6 strongholds...

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