Chapter 344 - Three Hammers, Instant Death

Chapter 344 - Three Hammers, Instant Death

“Let’s deal with his pets first, then have the Thieves search around. Nirvana Flame must be in the area!” instructed a Dark Shaman garbed in gray robes. He was called Obsessed, a veteran gamer who had squandered a fortune into popular virtual reality games over the years. He could only spend so lavishly thanks to his family’s wealth. However, he did leave his mark on every game he played, so many people remembered him.

Nie Yan observed Obsessed from in the shadows. He looked to be around 30 years old with a square jaw and thick eyebrows. He handed out orders to the players under him like a seasoned leader. 

“Everyone, let’s do our best. We’ll all receive 50 gold each for killing that human Thief and looting his corpse!” Obsessed declared. The crowd immediately erupted into loud cheers.

50 gold was a wealth of riches to these players. Very few of them weren’t tempted.

They started rapidly carrying out Obsessed’s orders. Nie Yan instantly...

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