Chapter 343 - Black Kingsnake Shield

Chapter 343 - Black Kingsnake Shield

Nie Yan was curious about the properties of a greatshield dropped from a top ranked Spectral Knight from Fallen Angel. It would be great if it had no faction restriction. The shield of a main tank was usually the most precious piece of equipment on them. For example, Bladelight’s current shield would go for over 4,000 gold in the marketplace.

Just as Nie Yan put away the shield in his bag, a shower of spells came raining down on him. He quickly activated his Darkbright Barrier as a membrane of light enveloped him.

「Bang! Bang! Bang!」The bright flashes of magic blinded Nie Yan as his health rapidly plummeted. 

Nie Yan hurriedly drank an Intermediate Health Potion. There was no time to examine the properties of the greatshield. He activated Disappear and vanished like a puff of smoke in front of these players from Fallen Angel. 

At this moment, the Zombie Overseer swung down withs its machete and sent one of Nie Yan’s Zombie Foremen...

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