Chapter 341 - Devil Slayer

Chapter 341 - Devil Slayer

Nie Yan reminded Father Nie that the War God Tribe and Asskickers United would inevitably touch upon the interests of the Century Financial Group. It would be troublesome when such a big player took notice of them. So before then, it was crucial to prepare as many hidden cards as possible!

Father Nie left since he still had business to attend to back at the company. Nie Yan finished up dinner and headed upstairs to his room, where he put on his game helmet and entered Conviction.

When Nie Yan logged back on, he was greeted by nothing but darkness. This would continue to be an issue until he increased his Night Vision.

Players on opposite factions were barred from viewing each other’s forums, so there was a veil of mystery between the two sides. The game developers added this to spice up the gameplay. However, players could...

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