Chapter 340 - Drunk

Chapter 340 - Drunk

Nie Yan walked out of the academic examination room and let out a long sigh of relief. The maximum score on this hour-long exam was 720 points. But the questions were so hard he’d be happy with just 500. There were even a bunch of concepts he knew practically nothing about.

“How’d you do?” Zhai Hao asked. He and Xia Ling had been fretting endlessly this whole time.

“I heard the benchmark for an Ace in both command and interstellar travel is 600 points,” Xia Ling added.

“Don’t worry about it. If I get in, I get in. If not, so be it.” Nie Yan laughed off their worries. Getting into the Top Military Academy was good enough for him. Being selected as an Ace was simply too much to hope for. With the Top Military Academy’s admission notice in hand, he could already be considered a part of certain powerful influences. Others would have to think twice before making a move against him, because acting against the academy’s students would be provoking the Top Military Academy’s prestige. Even if major consortiums had some background, they had to tread carefully around the academy. If they went too far, the academy’s alumni could easily take them down!

This was the main reason he wanted to join the...

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