Chapter 337 - Underworld Trip

Chapter 337 - Underworld Trip

Ghost Wolf and the others were dumbstruck. They never expected the surrounding Bloodthirsty Porcupines to also turn against them. Everything far exceeded their expectations. 

Were these Bloodthirsty Porcupines also the pets of that Thief? They were like hills with legs as they thundered toward Ghost Wolf’s group.

The four players were surrounded with nowhere left to hide.

There was no way they stood a chance against the lineup of a Golden Dragon and five Bloodthirsty Porcupines.

“Wily Six, save yourself. Go on without us,” Ghost Wolf anxiously ordered. The only player in their group who could escape was Wily Six. It was impossible for the rest of them.

“No! I won’t go!” Wily Six solemnly declared.

“Y-y-you fool! Get out of here!” Ghost Wolf glared at Wily Six. If he delayed any longer, all of them would die here. What was the point of throwing his life away when he could survive?

Wily Six gritted his teeth. He entered stealth and slowly melted into the dark...

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