Chapter 335 - Glory Kills

Chapter 335 - Glory Kills

Lil’ Gold and Nie Yan quickly cleared the herd of Bloodthirsty Porcupines, littering the ground with corpses. Like the first one, each of their corpses dissolved into motes of light before disappearing.

Nie Yan checked the Holy Spirit Heart quest. He had purified a total of 56 corpses.

As long as Nie Yan continued purifying evil creatures, he could eventually unlock all seals on Zennarde’s Sword. It was the best weapon he had ever seen, much better than those so-called godly equipment posted on the forums in the previous lifetime. When it was fully unlocked, its properties would be beyond astonishing.

Tyrant Abak’s Set and Zennarde’s Sword were the pinnacle pieces of equipment Nie Yan would work toward in this life!

Nie Yan had Lil’ Gold tank at the front while he repeatedly cast Undead Rite from the back. He eventually caught five Bloodthirsty Porcupines: two ordinary, two Leader, and one Elite. Their damage was negligible, but they had high health and tough...

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