Chapter 333 - Dark Portal

Chapter 333 - Dark Portal

Nie Yan’s auction houses and shops generated a lot of gold. Combined with the numerous contributions of the guilds members, Asskickers United could persevere for a long time. Thanks to recent events, the profit of the Union of Assassins took a sharp decline since the professional players would rather be participating in the bounty notice than carrying out regular missions. Calculating everything, he earned roughly 50,000 gold a day.  

Guo Huai, I want you to note down all their names. When this war is over, we’re going to reward them properly. They’re the lifeblood of Asskickers United!」Nie Yan said. The loyalty these players displayed far exceeded that of ordinary guild members. Of course, their effort didn’t go unnoticed. He planned to grant them benefits befitting of their merits.

At this moment, Bird walked over to Nie Yan with a girl in tow. She was quite cute. 

Nie Yan glanced at the young lady, and she stared back at him with an inquisitive gaze. Her eyes were bright and full of spiri...

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