Chapter 332 - Brothers!

Chapter 332 - Brothers!

Nie Yan knew it would take a while for Bird to get back to him, so he checked the situation on the forums in the meantime. The discussion had already reached a tipping point. Due to the war between Asskickers United and Bloodlust Blades growing increasingly intense, the moderators intervened and placed the kill counters next to each other on a stickied post. Since the data was obtained from the system, there was no misrepresentation.

With the official website getting involved, the numbers were 100% accurate!

Bloodlust Blades orignally led Asskickers United by over 2,000 kills with their kill counter surpassing 8,000 kills. But after Asskickers United’s bounty notice circulated around, the gap was shortened to just 300 kills. The biggest contributor to this reversal was the Union of Assassins,...

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