Chapter 330 - Abak’s Gloves of Sealing

Chapter 330 - Abak’s Gloves of Sealing

Steal had an extremely short cooldown, but it came paired with a pitifully low success rate. For it to succeed in 1 out of 30 attempts on ordinary monsters would already be quite impressive. However, Phantom Princess Ina was a well-known treasure trove, so the chances of obtaining something from her were relatively high. Then again, due to her ability to regularly summon hordes of Evil Mages, it was nigh impossible for ordinary Thieves to steal from her.

Nie Yan could only steal so many items from her because of the magic immunity from God’s Blessing.

You have obtained 102 gold.

Seeing this notification, Nie Yan was given a great shock. Phantom Princess Ina was truly deserving of her royal title, giving 102 gold all at once.

The seconds passed as spells continued to bombard Nie Yan, doing absolutely no damage. However, the splashes created enough dazzling colors to rival a firework show, making it hard for him to see. He could only cover his eyes and repeatedly reach toward where he thought Phantom Princess Ina was.

Nie Yan kept careful...

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