Chapter 324 - Utterly Eclipsed

Chapter 324 - Utterly Eclipsed

“Yao Yao, y-y-ou… When did you reach Level 47?” Liu Rui asked, practically dying from embarrassment. He had been bragging to Xie Yao all day about being Level 42 and wanting to take her levelling with him, only to discover that she was actually Level 47 with a full Radiant Samsara Set. He felt like a buffoon. He wanted to dig a hole and bury his head in the ground.

“I’ve been Level 47 for a week now. I was busy completing a quest called Karsi’s Blessing, so I had no time to level,” Xie Yao replied. Her cold and indifferent expression caused Liu Rui to become restless. An intense feeling of inferiority sprouted in his heart. He could accept being beaten by Nie Yan in a spar since losses occurred in competition. But now he was completely eclipsed by Xie Yao in terms of level and gear! He couldn’t even compare to a girl! What face did he have left?

Sky Pivot and his group were awed when Xie Yao mentioned Karsi’s Blessing. This was an incredibly difficult quest chain. Even their strongest Holy mage, Fresh Fish,...

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