Chapter 321 - Daze

Chapter 321 - Daze

It was rumoured that this company ran a metal business, smuggling ores into the country with the military’s backing. The heads of the gaming organizations originally didn’t pay much attention to these rumours. But thinking about it now, their minds descended into shock.

They looked up at Nie Yan, their expressions completely different. Their gazes were now full of resolve.

After Nie Yan got off the stage, Little Su stepped in to replace him. She began explaining the finer details of the War God Tribe’s development plan. The audience was much more receptive to her words compared to before.

“I didn’t know you were such a charismatic speaker!” Ah Chen teased when Nie Yan returned.

Nie Yan faked a laugh, but inwardly thought, after so many years of experience, how could something as insignificant as this rattle me?

Father Nie faintly nodded. Nie Yan’s performance had thoroughly satisfied him. My son has grown up. He continued to chat with the group for a while before something occurred to him. “Wait, son, doesn’t the Tuoba Family own the Nisode auction houses you mentioned?”...

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