Chapter 319 - Laying Cards Out on the Table

Chapter 319 - Laying Cards Out on the Table

Father Nie had been eavesdropping on Nie Yan and Ah Chen’s conversation while pretending to be busily chatting with the people around him. His hand which was holding his teacup trembled, unable to conceal the shock in his heart. 6 auction houses, over 30 shops, and 50 plots of land, he never thought Nie Yan would own so many properties. Just how high was their total valuation? None of the people present could give an estimate.

The War God Tribe had exhausted all their connections and paid a sky-high price just to acquire a single auction house in Nisode City. Father Nie understood just how difficult it was to obtain an auction house in Conviction. Even plots of land and shops were listed up in the Credit Exchange for sums scarce few people could afford.

Father Nie gazed at Nie Yan with an expression of pride and gratification.

The people seated near Father Nie were his trusted confidantes. As for who was trustworthy and who was not, Nie Yan who had returned to the past could tell at...

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