Chapter 318 - Gathering Funds

Chapter 318 - Gathering Funds

A young female presenter was currently up on stage detailing the War God Tribe’s development plans to the people from the gaming organizations. Nie Yan’s parents and Uncle Lin sat far off in a corner listening as well. The War God Tribe’s development was important. Right now, Nisode City was the Tuoba Family’s domain with three guilds under their banner. For the War God Tribe to rise to prominence here would prove difficult. Father Nie had laid out the groundwork, investing a vast sum in preparation for the guild’s establishment.

The War God Tribe was gathering strength and waiting for the opportune moment to strike! 

The only thing they lacked right now was gold. Their only source was a single auction house, and the rest would have to be bought through the Credit Exchange. But purchasing gold was unreliable, and supply could be cut off at a moment’s notice by a third party. 

The only solution was to capture a few strongholds the moment they could. When the strongholds were developed, only then would the War God Tribe have a reliable source of gold. 


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