Chapter 317 - War God Tribe

Chapter 317 - War God Tribe

Tuoba Time approaching Nie Yan at this moment signified he was about to take action. As one of the Tuoba Family’s shareholders, he absolutely wasn’t willing to fall under Tuoba Hongye. The power struggle between the two sides was only just beginning.

The 600,000 gold would be starting capital to oppose Tuoba Hongye.

If you have the 600,000 gold, we can sign a contract right now. Otherwise, just tell me how much you can spare. I need at least 50,000 gold by today,」Tuoba Time said. This matter was of extreme urgence.

I can do it,」Nie Yan said. He would regret it for a lifetime if he missed this opportunity!

Aside from developing Asskickers United, Nie Yan also wished to become a rich tycoon in the real world. When the profit from his auction houses, leases, shops, and strongholds grew to a certain point, he would convert a huge portion of it into credits.

He absolutely couldn’t pass up Tuoba Time's offer!

With Nie Yan’s current capital, it absolutely wouldn’t be a problem for him to gobble up these auction houses, plots of land, and sh...

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