Chapter 315 - Molelord Bennett

Chapter 315 - Molelord Bennett

Nie Yan quickly turned tail to flee. Trying to fight the Molelord was suicidal. Probably only Bladelight could tank a hit.

Bladelight raised his heavy shield and charged forward to intercept the Molelord.

Shield Bash!

The shield slammed into the Molelord with a heavy thud.

Heroic Strike!

Bladelight chopped down on the Molelord.


At this moment, the others took the time to inspect the Molelord.

Molelord Bennett (Lord): Level 50
Health: 109,944/110,000

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. Molelord Bennett’s stats were still so terrifying despite being reduced by 30% by the journal.

After being blocked by Bladelight, the Molelord swept its pike at him.

「Klang!」The pike struck the heavy shield as Bladelight felt an enormous force travel up his arm. He dug his feet into the ground and used both arms on his shield to brace against the impact. However, he was still blown back.

Bladelight was forced backwards 5 meters before...

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