Chapter 314 - Undying Soul

Chapter 314 - Undying Soul

Nie Yan glanced at Empress Finas’ Fate Pearl in his bag, wondering when it would come in handy. Let’s deal with the Molelord first. He withdrew his gaze.

Have you found the other journal pages?」Nie Yan asked. Those pages also contained clues to the quest.

We’ve found three pages. Combine those with the two on you, and we’ll have the complete journal,」Bladelight replied. They only obtained these three pages after killing numerous Nerubians and opening several chests.

Bladelight shared what was written on the last three journal pages.

Even though I’m well aware Empress Finas only wants my body as a tool, I’m still happy to become her vessel… I’m just a lowly Crystalline Nerubian, but I’m willing to offer up both my life and this useless body for the sake of showing her my love… My dear Empress Finas, during those long winter nights, when both my soul and body have long since faded into dust, will you still recall the silly love of this lowly Crystalline...

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