Chapter 311 - Necklace of Deception

Chapter 311 - Necklace of Deception

Nie Yan opened up the official website and searched up a few keywords such as Bennet and Empress Finas.

He found an information page on Empress Finas. She was the leader of an ancient tribe of spider worshipers that resided in the Underworld. The tribe was classified as a neutral evil faction, often attacking other races indiscriminately. Humans or even fellow inhabitants of the Underworld like Dark Elves and Fallen were all regarded as food. They were called Arachne for their distinctly sharp jaws.

Nie Yan skimmed through this brief background information.

The Crystalline Moleguards collapsed to the ground at a steady pace.

The group’s teamwork was extremely smooth as they whittled down the enemies.

After 20 minutes, only a single Crystalline Moleguard remained. This one was also a Level 50 Elite. But unlike the others, its skin was crimson instead of bluish-green.

“It looks different from the others,” Bladelight pointed out. ”It might...

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