Chapter 304 - Pursuit

Chapter 304 - Pursuit

Do you want help?」Guo Huai asked. He had several thousand guild members on standby. Nie Yan only had to give the word, and they would teleport over. Even though the transport fee was steep, around 1 gold per player, they could easily bear the cost thanks to the support of the Dragonsoar Financial Group.

No need. Glory City is the territory of Bloodlust Blades. No matter how much help arrives, we’ll always be outmanned and outgunned. It’s best if we minimize our losses. Besides, Smoke Stub, Bladelight, the others, and I should be able to get away. Just closely monitor the enemy’s movements for now,」Nie Yan replied. As long as he knew the position of Bloodlust Blades’ forces, there should be no worry of being surrounded in such a large map. He quickly gathered everyone together.

Glory City was to the north, so the safest option would be to head south.

“Everyone, get on your mounts!” Nie Yan ordered. Being the strongest members of Asskickers United, everyone in the group naturally...

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