Chapter 303 - Shadow Killer

Chapter 303 - Shadow Killer

With his decade’s worth of experience in Conviction serving as a solid foundation, Nie Yan’s skills only improved further after his numerous breakthroughs in this life. Add this to the ever increasing quality of his gear, and he was quickly becoming an unapproachable existence. Save for some godly-level characters, no ordinary players would even dream of challenging him.

The 20 or so players from Asskickers United were invincible as they swept away the remnants forces of Bloodlust Blades, especially Tang Yao, Undying Scoundrel, Natural Fiend, and the other Mages whose area-of-effect spells wiped out numerous fleeing groups.

Each of them was strong in their own right, but their outstanding teamwork allowed them to explode with even more astonishing power.

The players from Bloodlust Blades were completely routed, and were fleeing with their tails tucked between their legs.

Nirvana Flame, Young Sparrow Hawk, Aqua Smoke Stub, Resplendent Bladelight… they were some of the most famous names in...

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