Chapter 300 - Chapter of Compassion

Chapter 300 - Chapter of Compassion

Nothing could match up to the sharpness of Zennarde’s Sword!

It was an amazing weapon even at Level 60, let alone right now.

Although the Priest had cast a shield on himself beforehand, he was still killed just like that. The surrounding players felt a sense of dread fall over them.

Within the span of a minute, Nie Yan had turned the tables on them and shattered their morale!

Nie Yan was a reaper from hell, pouncing towards the remaining Priest who turned to flee. But the Priest was no match for his speed while Gale Ambush was active. He caught up and cut down the opponent in an instant!

It was like pigs to the slaughter!

With his unrivalled speed and supreme attack power, Nie Yan was a god-like existence.

While the casters scattered, the Berserker and Fighter charged toward Nie Yan in an attempt to intercept him. However, Nie Yan slipped past them with a simple sidestep.

Nie Yan dashed toward Maple Blazeheart and chopped down with Zennarde’s Sword, shaving away more than half his health. Just as Nie Yan was about to follow up with another attack, Maple Blazeheart’s body became...

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