Chapter 299 - The Might of Shadow Slaughter

Chapter 299 - The Might of Shadow Slaughter

In the face of near imminent death, Nie Yan activated God’s Blessing from the Chapter of Peace, after which a barrier of light enshrouded him.「Bang! Bang! Bang!」The shower of spells rained down on him mercilessly as crackles of light ricocheted off him like a dazzling display of fireworks. Even so, he dashed out of this shelling completely unscathed.

God’s Blessing granted immunity to all magic!

Faded and his group were left absolutely gobsmacked. Perhaps Nie Yan was the only Thief bold enough to charge head-first into a hail of spells.

Did Nie Yan plan on slaughtering all 13 of them by himself!?

“Shit! It’s magic immunity! Everyone, use physical attacks!” Faded welcomed Nie Yan’s assault head-on. A deep grunt escaped his mouth as he swept forward with his heavy shield.

Nie Yan’s figure blurred as he employed Shadow Dance to slip past the attack.

While in the middle of Gale Ambush, Nie Yan was almost too fast for the naked eye to follow.

The Shield Bash struck...

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