Chapter 298 - Gale Ambush

Chapter 298 - Gale Ambush

Nie Yan was simply testing the waters a moment ago, which was why he only used his most basic skills. In fact, he could have bursted Faded down to zero health during the invincibility period of Gale Step. However, that would’ve left him open to the retaliation from the surrounding Mages. Even he didn’t dare to take a bombardment from them head-on, so he opted for a strategic retreat.

Nie Yan had a cautious nature. Whenever he encountered an expert, he would first gain a feel for their skill. He would then attempt to bait out as many of their trump cards as possible to minimize the possibility of them surprising him when he fought them for real.

A Thief who was quick to reveal their cards probably wasn’t an expert. Advanced Skills easily had cooldown timers of up to a week or longer. If a player wasted one, they would be without it for the next several days. If they encountered a truly life-threatening situation during this period, what awaited them would most likely be an extremely...

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