Chapter 296 - Shocking

Chapter 296 - Shocking

Zennarde’s Sword quickly became a legend within Asskickers United, just like the Grimmar Soul Staff.

These were two pieces of unrivalled equipment!

Zennarde’s Sword was nothing more than a large beatstick to Nie Yan. However, since he could raise the influence of Asskickers United by waving it around, he would. He just had to make sure no one snatched it away from him.

A picture of Zennarde’s Sword was posted online. Its valiant properties immediately shocked the players on the forums.

It was a piece of equipment every player would drool over.

The description of the six seals placed on Zennarde’s Sword had people’s imaginations running wild. This sword was equivalent to a growth-type weapon. For every seal that was removed, its properties would increase dramatically!

A picture of Nie Yan posing with Zennarde’s Sword also circulated around. He looked intense with both his dark leather armour and brooding expression illuminated under the flickering glow of the sword’s black...

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