Chapter 295 - God-Slaying Sword

Chapter 295 - God-Slaying Sword

Nie Yan looked over his gear: Darkbright Chestpiece, Skywalker Set, Zennarde’s Sword, and Glimpse of Darkness. When he first started out, collecting the chapters from the Book of Order, everything was still at an initial stage of development. But now, the quality of his gear far surpassed that of the vast majority of players, Zennarde’s Sword in particular. He doubted any other player at present possessed a weapon with over 600 attack power, Level Ignore +12, and Ignore Armour. Not to mention his stats were already staggering. Even the tankiest of Fighters couldn’t avoid being cut down by him!

Nie Yan was curious about how many players were by Faded’s side. If he encountered a group of peak elites, he would have to tread carefully.

Nie Yan naturally had no plans of throwing his life away. When outnumbered as a Thief, tactics were of vital importance.

“Be careful. I just received a report that Faded has over a dozen players by his side,” Guo Huai warned. But after recalling Nie Yan’s past feats, he laughed it off. “I guess I’m...

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