Chapter 290 - Zennarde’s Sword

Chapter 290 - Zennarde’s Sword

Since the Chapter of Peace was guaranteed to drop upon death, Nie Yan decided to take advantage of its God’s Blessing skill while he still could. He might even come out of here alive by some stroke of luck!

God’s Blessing had a duration of 60 seconds. During this time, Nie Yan wouldn’t have to fear any magic.

After downing a Haste Potion he got from the Starry Night Potion Shop, Nie Yan fled for his life while brushing off the bombardment of spells. With only 10 seconds remaining on God’s Blessing, he bolted past the last group of Skeleton Dragon Priests and escaped through the passage to the next room. He found a dark corner to duck into and disappeared into the shadows.

The Skeleton Dragon Priests chased after Nie Yan into the passageway. But after finding no signs of him, they turned around and left.

Nie Yan breathed out a sigh of relief. He left his hiding spot and continued travelling deeper into the tomb. Much to his dismay, the next room he arrived at contained nearly six times as many Skeleton Dragon Priests. He had no idea how to deal with so many Elite-class...

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